Wireless External Hard Drives: Features and Benefits

Wireless external hard drives are in demand today. These hard drives are the answer to the common dilemma of computer users in finding space for the data they have in their computer. Wireless external hard drives are storage devices that are compact and can be carried anywhere. Manufacturers have their eye on producing the maximum storage capacity possible and the hard drive that would be comfortable to use. Here are some features that you must consider in buying wireless external hard drives.

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1. Storage Capacity. Available hard drives in the market today have storage capacity that ranges from a hundred gigabytes to terabytes. The general rule saying that you must buy a storage device that is thrice of the size you require is a good buying guide. You need extra gigabytes or terabytes of spaces since you will need them later on. If there is no money constraint, go for the terabytes capacity which is a thousand greater than gigabytes. Be a shrewd customer and even go for 2tb external hard drive deals.

2. Disk Rotation per Minute (RPM). Another important feature that wireless external hard drives must have is the greatest RPM. When buying a hard drive, you are not only after on the storage capacity but also on its reading and writing speeds. The largest external hard drive that has 7200 RPM or greater provides faster reading and writing of data.

3. Cache memory Size. All hard drives are designed with a buffer or cache memory. This component acts as a temporary storage device before the files are permanently written or transferred on a disk. Be sure that the wireless external hard drives you are buying have a cache memory size equal or greater than 16MB. Large cache memory size can transfer the data faster than the small cache memory size.

4. Interface. The drive must also have the latest data transfer interface. At present, the commonly used interface is USB 2.0. But if you are after of a drive that has high speed in data transfer, then you must pick an eSATA external hard drive (that is if you have an eSATA port). Firewire 800 and eSATA interfaces provide the fastest speeds so far. You can get a USB 3.0 interface that is more functional and faster but you still have to wait for it to be released in the market.

 Wireless External Hard Drives Notes

Another important thing you must remember when choosing wireless external hard drives are its performance in terms of its connection. A common problem encountered by the users is that the drives suddenly lose its connection while you are in the middle of reading or writing some important data. Make sure that the connection of the hard drive is functioning well and stable. If you don’t have money constraint, choose the biggest external hard drive that has the maximum storage capacity. But if you have a tight budget, pick a refurbished external hard drive that matches your needs and has the lowest price. But keep in mind that you don’t have to sacrifice the quality of the product. Search for a brand of the wireless external hard drives that have good reputations.


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